2014-09-11 22.56.592014-09-11 22.58.21

Winchester Shotgun shells $65.00 a case and we have .22 and .22 mag in stock

2014-10-03 22.22.58

Winchester 17 WIN Super Mag 25 grain 2600 FPS Power Tip
$35.00 a box

2014-10-03 02.20.09

Winchester 243 100 grain Power-Point $22.00 a box


Granbury’s best kept secret is Right To Carey guns located on Gateway Hills┬áLane in Granbury, Texas. Every time a new customer walks in they are amazed to find we have nearly all popular ammo in plentiful stock and great prices on guns, rifles, hunting supplies, survival gear and more! We are a complete outfitter and we “carey” everything you need to outfit yourself for hunting. For those of you that have not had a chance to stop in, we thought you might want to take a gander at the photos here. But to really learn what we are all about… come see us!

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